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Welcome to Tax Season 2018!!!

Official Tax Filing Date is January 29th, 2018!!

Suber Services invites you again this year to participate in our world class services to address your tax, bookkeeping and accounting needs. This year we have expanding our college section to address the many parents that desire help with everything from the FAFSA to college tax credits. You get more information by going to TAX BENEFITS FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS.

Apply now for your REFUND ADVANCES beginning January 29th, 2018. Advances from $500 - $2,500

Suber Services will offer loyalty cards for client referrals starting at $20 - $200

We are taking appointments and paperwork now for the first group of tax preparation to be processed. Get ahead of the rush!! Get your taxes to us TODAY!!

What is the Path Act looking for?

The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (the PATH Act), was enacted on December 18, 2015. The PATH Act contains several changes to the tax law that affect individuals, families, businesses and help safeguard against tax fraud.

Visit our website SUBERTAXES.COM to get more information

2801 Crisman Street (Off of Freedom Drive) Charlotte NC. 28208

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